Ford IDS 105 Review: 100% with VCM2, Vxdiag Vcx Nano Ford

Have downloaded Ford diagnostic software IDS 105.01 on a web to have a try… And luckily, it worked finally although there was a bit trouble i met. Works perfectly with Vxdiag Vcx Nano for Ford and Ford VCM2 clone on F150, Focus, Explorer…

I’m using the link with Ford IDS V105.01 + VCM II Manager
Part 1
Part 2
Pass: nK6gE84

About Ford ids 105.01 installation:

Just Downloaded & extracted
Opened in VMWARE 10.
(In one of the first couple of lines in config file change the “12” to “10”)
Clicked “I MOVED IT”
Turned of internet (don’t know if it matters).
Turned off nonpersistent
Started Up IDS 105.1 VMWARE
Plugged in OEM VCM and installed drivers
Made cosmetic changes, performance changes to WIN7
Opened IDS and made settings changes
Ran Shut down command in Guest System
Turned nonpersistent back on

I mean I just made persistent HDD, then I installed drivers, restart. I checked license of VXDIAG… Then non persistent and now is ok.

About VCM2 IDS 105 test result:

– Ford Focus key programming….Worked!
I’ve programmed a Ford Focus blue key with this virtual machine and Ford VCM2 clone. No issues!
– 2015 F150 Car Configuration Parameters….Worked!
I’ve used it on 2015 F-150 to enable Car Configuration Parameters without any problem
– 2013 Explorer key programming & PCM flash….Worked
I did 6 module programming on a 2013 Explorer yesterday and all OK!
Ford IDS worked great today. Programmed a few keys and flashed a PCM already. Working flawlessly.

Hope it keeps it up.

About workable Ford diagnostic tools:

Except VCM2 clone tried, i also tested with the latest VCX manager and updated firmware on the VXDIAG VCX NANO Ford…great!

I can now confirm both of these images are working with the Allscanner VCX Brand. Not sure if it makes any different from others but I used the latest VCX manager from the website: http://www.obdii365.com/wholesale/wifi-vxdiag-vcx-nano-for-ford-mazda-2-in-1-with-ids.html

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