Will Vxdiag Vcx Nano Techstream do Toyota H chip all keys lost?

Toyota H chip all keys lost with Toyota Techstream, how to do? Here is the step-by-step instruction for you. Wish it helps.

First you should buy a Toyota OEM Standard Transponder Key : H Chip (Non-Valet) / 89785-0D 170 / TOY 44H. Because it is frequent that non original Toyota H key sold on Ebay will not work.

Then the step to follow to pragram (Non-Valet) / 89785-0D 170 / TOY 44H key on 2014+ Toyota.

With Vxdiag vcx nano for Toyota running Techstream V12.00.127, you need disassemble the immo box for some models

Download and install Techstream 12.00.127 on Windows 7, with the help of the user guide from http://blog.obdii365.com/2017/04/07/install-toyota-techstream-12-00-127-on-windows-7/
Disassemble the immo box
Plug the vxdiag vcx nano Toyota scanner into the OBD2 socket and connect the other end with laptop via USB port
Inserted the master key and turned the ignition to ON.
Click on “Connect to Vehicle”
select 2WD or 4WD, 4WD of course.
run a Health Check and the Techstream software was well communicated with all the ECMs for various systems.
started by programming the remote keyless door lock functions
chose “Main Body” in “System Selection Menu”
select “Utility” and “Wireless Code Registration.”
Follow the “Wireless Code Registration Wizard” popped up windows prompts:
key programming is complete (took 2 minutes).
Click on “Next” to program another key or “Exit” if finished.

Now start programming the immobiliser chip so the key would actually start the engine.
chose “Immobiliser” in “System Selection Menu”
Select “Immobiliser Live” tab appeared
click on “Utility” and “Key Registration”
Another wizard popped up…turn the ignition off, then back on and next. Then it asked me to turn it back off, remove the master key, insert the new key and next.

The security light started flashing, as a timer on the screen counted down from about 90 seconds while the ECU learned the new key code. Once the counter got down to zero, it said “Programming Complete” and showed a “Next” and “Exit” button as before. Then tested the key, started the engine, locked/unlocked the doors and it all worked perfectly.

Alternatively, you can program keys via OBD (the easiest method) using an Obdstar key programmer

Obdstar x300 pro3 key master: for locksmiths
Obdstar F101 Toyota: for diy users/ Toyota owners
Obdstar f101 key programmer supports 4D(67,68) chip, 72 chip(WITH G,EUROPE), smart key immobilizer reset (All keys lost) .

How to program Toyota H chip key through OBD


How to use Allscanner VXDIAG A3 Multi Tool for BMW JLR VAG

This post topic: How to use 2017 Allscanner VXDIAG A3 scanner to diagnose, program and code BMW, VAG, Jaguar and Land Rover.

VXDIA A3 wins ICOM VAS5054 SDD at:
  1. VXDIAG A3 function & vehicle coverage = BMW ICOM + VAS 5054a + JLR SDD. It covers BMW, LAND ROVER & JAGUAR, VW also latest DOIP and perform diagnose, programming, coding etc. With newest software ISTA-D V40.01 ISTA-P V3.59 , SDD V148 & ODIS 4.0.
  2. VXDIAG A3 price $429 < BMW ICOM price + VAS5054 price + JLR SDD price (cost more than $600)
  3. No OS limited, A3 works on: XP, WIN 7/8/8.1/10;
  4. Client requirement: Browser: IE 11+ and google Chrome

Step –by –step on how to use VXdiag A3?
Incl. Allscanner VXDIAG A3 scanner Install VX Manager, USB driver, OEM driver, and run Original Factory Diagnosis Software.
Step 1. Firstly install VX    Manager
Browse http://www.vxdiag.net/ , download and install “VX manager” driver (VXManager Installation steps:
1. Run VX Manager.exe to setup
2. Click [Next]
3. Select [I accept the agreement],then click [Next]
4. During installation, disconnect USB cable to the PC, then click [Next]
5. Software Installing……
6. VXDIAG SDK Driver installing……
7. Setup complete.click [Finish]
Setup complete. The shortcut will create on the desktop.
Connection device and run VX Manager, The information of device will be displayed in “Device Manager”.

Step 2. Connect VXDIAG A3 by USB or WIFI
Hardware USB Connection or WiFi Connection
Connect OBDII cable to the vehicle 16pin diagnostic port, and USB cable to the computer.
Hardware WiFi Connection
Here step – by –step guide:

Step 3. Installation OEM Driver for JLR SDD, ODIS and BMW ICOM
Click [Diagnostic Apps] tab on VX Manager software interface, then click [My Apps]
Click [JLR SDD] and you will get a driver installation window, then click [Install]
If JLR SDD have been installed, then click [Update] to Update JLR SDD driver.
“Install Complete” click [close]
Next is to install / update ODIS 4.0 and BMW ISTA-D V40.01 ISTA-P V3.59.
Here Step –by –step procedure

Step 4. Buy License and Update
If you want to add more vehicle brands, contact OBDII365.com dealer to provide VXDIAG SN, buy License .
Here on how to buy license and update:
1.Check the S/N on the back of the VXDIAG main unit
2. Buy License
Contact your dealer to provide VXDIAG SN, buy License. License list
3. Update License
1). Buy License
2). After buy License, connection VXDIAG to PC
3). Start [VX Manager]
4). Click [Device Manager]->[Information],then click [License]
After License updated, then installation OEM driver. For example, Buy JLR SDD license, then Installation JLR SDD Driver

How to update VXdiag A3 OBD2 scanner firmware?
VXDIAG Firmware Upgrade procedure:
1. Connection VXDIAG to PC
2. Start [VX Manager]
3. Click [Device Manager]
4. Click [Information]
5. Click [Firmware]
6. Click [Upgrade] to Upgrade Firmware.
During Upgrade, do not disconnect VXDIAG connected PC

VXDIAG software update: after the newest software is released, you will be noticed to update. I am sure for VCM, Jaguar and Land rover, VXDIAG software is always newest.

VXDIAG A3 Diagnostic Tool Video Guide:
BMW F18 Coding by VXDIAG A3 BMW E-sys 3.27.1
JLR Jaguar Land rover Service Reset by Allscanner VXDIAG SDD
How to use Allscanner VXDIAG JLR dataloger function

Free Download VCM2 Ford IDS 105.01 Mazda IDS 104.01

VCM2 IDS software update: Ford IDS 105.01 and MAZDA IDS 104.01 VMWare free download on Mega, which has been tested with Ford vcm2 original/clone and Vxdiag vcx nano for ford and mazda.

Free download VCM2 IDS software Ford v105.01 MAZDA v104.01:


VMWare 12.5.0

FORD IDS 105.01 with Ford VCM2 Manager

MAZDA IDS 104.01 with Ford VCM2 Manager

Password: nK6gE84

Test report:

Configure Wi-Fi…..Confirmed!

VCM I clone….. Some worked, some not!
Ford VCM2 original…..Confirmed!
VCM2 clone…..Confirmed!

Allscanner VCX Brand: Vxdiag VCX Nano for Ford/Mazda…..Confirmed!
(tested with the latest vcx manager and updated firmware on the nano => work great with my vcx nano)

IMPORTANT NOTE: ford ids v105 & mazda ids 104 has not tested by professionals. Just copy here for sharing. You may take a risk when using it.

For sake of security, a tested version should be better for use-
Ford IDS V101 Mazda IDS v99: no issues with Ford vcm2 clone
Ford IDS V101 Mazda IDS v104: no issues with vxdiag vcx nano for Ford and Mazda

Obdii diagnosis…..Confirmed!
Key programming…..Confirmed!vcm
Ecu programming…..Confirmed!

Credits to: SCOTT (Thank you so much bro, SERIOUSLY! ) & technicians working for obdii365.com(Thanks for the test reports)

Good luck!


Ford IDS 105.01 VMWare with VXDIAG/VCM II Manager Free Download

04.12.2017 newly released Ford IDS 105.01 is now available:

Below you can free download Ford IDS V105.01 VMWare with VCM II Manager for Ford VCM II clone and VXDIAG VCX NANO for Ford/Mazda!

Ford IDS V105.01 with VCM II Manager Download Part 1:


Ford IDS V105.01 with VCM II Manager Download Part 2:


Password: nK6gE84

Thanks SCOTT and MHH forum!

Enjoy at your own risk!

Ford IDS V105.01 Compatible Interfaces:

Ford/Mazda VCM II 2-in-1 Diagnostic Scan Tool




VXDIAG VCX NANO for Ford and Mazda

Ford IDS V105.01 Update Information:

This version has the ability to download the very latest calibration software files from Ford’s server if you have an internet connection available at the time of connecting to vehicles

Reading and decoding fault codes

Deleting fault codes

Displays system current parameters in digital form

Combined displaying of data

Logs keeping - writing and keeping of digital parameters in memory

Special function: changing of permissible settings of blocks, programming etc.

Ford IDS V105.01 FAQ:

Q: Is this Ford IDS 105.01 work with VCM II Clone?

A: Some yes! It works with VCM II clone that can use VCI MANAGER and above.

Q: Thanks for sharing but after I download, there is no active license?

A: When you open VM at first time, choose “I move it” and all will be OK!

Q: Is the internet not supposed to work?

When I start the VMWare, it said that some settings were changed. I restarted and the license was lost. So I reinstalled it again, still no internet but the license is working now?

A: Go to “Devices”, choose “Network Adapter NAT” and check the box “Connect at power on”. Look at picture below:



VXDIAG Multi Tool for BMW JLR and VAG replace ICOM SDD and ODIS

The 2017 new released VXDIAG A3 is a new generation of universal automotive diagnostic scanner developed by Allscanner Technology Co., Ltd., supporting BMW, LAND ROVER & JAGUAR, VW. 

Top features of VXDIAG A3 Multi Tool:
1. Support BMW,LAND ROVER & JAGUAR, VW 4-in-1

2.Support the latest DOIP diagnosis (The protocol is used for vehicles produced after BMW F series, Land Rover and Porsche, Volkswagen new models)

3.Support USB and WIFI connection

4.Multi-language (check language info below)

5. Comes with latest software, ISTA-D v40.01.21, ISTA-P v3.59.4.004 and all engineering software INPA,WinKFP,Ncs expert etc, JLR SDD V148 and vag diagnostic tool ODIS 3.1.0

1.VXDIAG A3 for BMW function introduction

The new BMW software can perform programming and coding for all BMW E/ F/ G series cars. Same as BMW ICOM A1 / A2 / A3, ALLSCANNER VXDIAG A3 supports all BMW software and is good at fiber programming.
The main diagnostic software includes: 
BMW software version: Diagnosis: ISTA-D v40.01.21, Programming: ISTA-P v3.59.4.004

BMW ISTA-D (Diagnostic);
BMW ISTA-P (Programming)
BMW Group ISPI (the fourth generation of BMW diagnostic software client);
E-SYS (Engineer Software for F series, available for programming, coding, Customization, realize hidden functions, advanced features);
WINKFP (for E series: programming, upgrade and downgrade);
Ediabas Tool32 (enter key, import codes, delete certification, advanced features of BMW series);
INPA (read vehicle information, diagnosis, read and clear trouble codes);
BMW Coding (for E series: import data, change the code or realize hidden functions);
KSD2 (offer full vehicle repairing information for diagnosis or programming);
NCS-Expert tool (for E series: set codes, realize hidden functions and change settings);

BMW software includes the engineer version, which is the quick and easy diagnostic programming and coding system that German BMW engineers are using. The system is designed in English and German. The Engineer version is so practical and powerful that it can achieve professional features which all the original professional computers can realize, can change the language into Chinese through the OBD port for import cars (Europe regulation cars, the United States and the United States, Africa, etc.). Features mainly include: diagnosis, programming (incl. programming one module only), coding, realize hidden function, new features activation, the module system update.

Following functions can be activated based on the existing configuration model:
01 use the button in the cab to close the trunk (electric tailgate), to terminate the reverse operation at any time (available in cars with the electric tailgate)
02 activate the Bluetooth phone function, to automatically play the music inside the phone every time you start the car. (Available in models with a USB port in the armrest box or gear)
03 support audio and video playback via USB cable as well as via iPod.
04 connect to the phone through the Wi-Fi (mobile phones are required to install software)
05 open the voice recognition function (currently only available in English digital telephone dialing)
06 operate the navigation menu when driving, watch DVD (Even the original car is available with CD, you can also watch DVD)
07 Active internet applications (available in post 2012.09 models with professional navigation, but some unsupported with unclear reasons)
08 immediately fold the rear-view mirror with the remote control (for the original car, owners need to press the lock key for 1.5 seconds)
09 activate gearbox program on the sport cars, at a quicker response for speeding up. But it will cause fault codes in ECU test in the 4S shop. (NOT recommended)
10 effectively prevent rear-end collision because brake lights flash quickly when braking severely (for 3 Series 5 Series, testing)
11 use mobile phone traffic to surf the Internet on iDrive via the phone Bluetooth (not tested yet)
12 adjust the warning speed of changing a lane (available in high-end cars with the rearview mirror with the dead angle warning indicator) (not tested yet)
13 automatically released the handbrake (parking button) when the vehicle is started (testing)
14 add the lane departure system and roadside warning identification function (available in optional cars with front cameras) (not tested yet)
15 L7 around Sound Pro

Personalized Customization
1. Set Seat Belt Alarm time (second/sec)
2. Disable passenger Seat Belt Alarm
3. Disable driver Seat Belt Alarm
4. Set the engine on/off status the same as that before the ignition off or the default status off.
5. Set the central lock automatically unlock when ignition off
6. Set Fuel Economy Mode as default mode after ignition on
7. Enable roll up window when open car door
8. Enable the option of DRL (Day Running Lights) on or off.
9. Set Highlight auxiliary and intersection traffic light “Automatic”
10. Enable to adjust DRL brightness (the default factory setting is brightest)
11. Set fog light turn on while headlight is on
12. Enable to Lock/Unlock sound and adjust the volume
13. Enable auto close sunroof when raining (May lead to initialize sunroof, it will work only after ignition on for 10 seconds, not very effective.)
14. Set windshield wiper Back in place when ignition off
15. Set sunroof automatically close in a tilted state (It needs to initialize sunroof)
16. Set the turn signal light on/off times (F30)
17. Enable CIC menu display CI version
18. Three Bluetooth phone rings available
19. Enlarge phone number and text storage (25 to 50)

A/C (Automatic Air Conditioning)
20. Set indoor internal circulation memory the same as that when the ignition off last time.
21. Set air conditioning memory the same as that when ignition off last time.
22. Display engine output power and torque on navigation screen
23. Cancel home screen boot delay confirm message
24. Cancel rear view camera statement when reversing
25. Display available gas station on navigation
26. Display speed limit info (Need hardware support)
27. Display engine torque menu
28. Auto headlight
29. TPMS
30. Display tire pressure and temperature (Need hardware support)
31. Adjust mile to kilometer
33. GPS time synchronization
34. Dashboard stimulate instant fuel consumption: change from 20 to 30
35. Enable dashboard light on always
36. Enable dashboard light always on at night (For BMW 535, GT, 7 series and part of BMW 530)
37. Enable dashboard light always on at daytime (For BMW 535, GT, 7 series and part of BMW 530)
38. Enable dashboard lights turn grey (For BMW 535, GT, 7 series and part of BMW 530)
39. Enable dashboard lights turn orange or grey (For BMW 535, GT, 7 series and part of BMW 530)
40. DS Mode display current shift from S1 to S7
41. Set Head-Up Display (Navigation map distance and turn signal, etc.) (Need hardware support)
42 PDC reversing radar is changed vertically and horizontally

2.Vxdiag A3 for LAND ROVER&JAGUAR features

The newest JLR IDS V148 can perform online programming, test, diagnosis and programming key with Incode, Chinese localization, etc.

For the 2014 Range Rover Executive Edition and new Range Rover Sports, since the communication protocol was changed, only ALLSCANNER VXDIAG A3 is verified to be able to diagnose. JLR Mangoose cable can’t cover any longer, if JLR Mangoose cable is plugged into the vehicle, all the dashboard warning lights will be on and lead to the vehicle malfunction; VCM can’t cover neither, although it can cover the newer Jaguar and Land Rover.

English / Japanese / Portuguese / Romanian / Korean / Dutch / Polish / Turkish / Spanish / French / Italian / Croatian / Danish / German / Swedish / Finnish / Slovenian / Czech / Russian / Greek / Chinese

Software functions: read live Data stream, actuation test, monitoring, utility testing, reprogramming, diagnostic trouble code.

Bus protocol:
1. J1850PWM / SCP
2. ISO9141 / KWP2000
4. Medium Speed CAN
5. CAN Bus (capable of ISO 15765, GMLAN, and ISO14229)

3. Vxdiag A3 for VW features

VW function introduction:
Support the newest ODIS 3.10 software and UDS protocol.
Support Volkswagen, Audi, Skoda, Bentley, Lamborghini

ODIS language available:
System Requirements: Dual-core processor, better above I5; over 4G of memory

Vxdiag A3 Package list:

1pc x OBD cable
1pc x USB cable
1pc x network cable
1pc x 500GB hard drive


VXDIAG VCX NANO Toyota Techstream update to V12.00.127

Good New! VXDIAG VCX NANO for Toyota TIS Techstream software update to latst V12.00.127. It's crack version and free.

Software Version: 12.00.127

Free Download Toyota Techstream V12.00.127 Software

(Password: mhhauto.com)

The file has every thing inside : Crack Patch + MainMenu+ 5000 days serial. No need registration code to activate software.

Tested working with VXDIAG VCX NANO 100%.

Techstream O/S requirement:
Windows XP/Windows 7 (engineer test on Win7 perfectly)

Register Toyota Techstream 12.00.127 Tips:

open techstream and select area and then close

copy mainmenu.exe to techstream/bin folder

Open techstream and enter registration key below

Registration Key
VXDIAG VCX NANO Toyota techstream v12.00.127 software display:




If your Techstream Version 12 VIM Select window is grayed out and empty when it comes up, try to do a fresh install and you will not have any problems.


(Solved) Vxdiag Vcx Nano GM E4491 E4423 Reprogramming Error

Tech support from professionals working for obdii365.com, especially for those with VXDIAG VCX NANO for GM diagnostic tools, having troubles in E4491 Reprogramming Error and E4423 Unknown Reprogramming Error.

The error message...

Tech info

E4491: Reprogramming Error! Check all connections and reset Programming Interface!

IMPORTANT: Do not replace the control module immediately!

First ensure the programming device (e.g. GM MDI) is updated with the latest software version and is properly connected to the service PC.
Then re-attempt the programming procedure.
If the failure persists, contact technical support for assistance.
E4423: Unknown reprogramming error

IMPORTANT: Do not replace the control unit immediately!

First ensure the programming device (e.g. MDI) is updated with the latest software version and is properly connected to the service PC.
Then re-attempt the programming procedure.
If the failure persists, contact technical support for assistance.

How to solve:

The  vxdiag vcx nano for gm diagnostic tool needs a firmware update and Pass Thru driver update.

The update can be done by Vxdiag professional technicians.

Note: For vxdiag vcx nano gm ecu programming, please refer to http://blog.obdii365.com/2017/03/30/vxdiag-vcx-nano-gm-program-buick-gl8-ecm-tcm-online/

Have fun!